• Paid Internships in the Private Sector - Employment Support Program for Youth 
    UNA-Georgia and USAID make available the paid internship opportunities across Georgia for young people aged 18 - 29 and the members of the USAID Unity Through Diversity Program-supported Youth Center from Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Batumi, Gori, Telavi, Ninotsminda, Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Dmanisi, Marneuli, Gardabani and Akhmeta. 
  • Georgia Integration Grants Facility 
    UNA Georgia is pleased to announce the Georgia Integration Grants Facility (IGF) within the USAID Unity Through Diversity Program to support the activities that will contribute to the inclusive civic and economic development of Georgia 
  • Georgia’s Old and New Public Health Challenges Demand Coordinated Response 
    The steps undertaken in recent years to strengthen Georgia`s public health system turned out insufficient in the face of the pandemic. To achieve a more functional management system, novel visions are needed to revisit the problem and bring about fundamental changes.  
    Our Zurab Alkhanishvili shares his thoughts. 
  • Non-Formal Education: Why Georgia Needs Holistic Approach 
    Zura Samarghanishvili, Program Officer at UNAG, shares his views on the limitations of formal education and how non-formal education can help reengineer conservative teaching and learning methodologies.  
  • Youth in Georgia Needs Action 
    Our Tamta Khutsishvili shares her thoughts about the young in Georgia, difficult transitions and their journeys to independence and autonomy, and what we can do to better support them in this process.  
    Georgia has to counter disinformation in Russia’s long shadow 
    There is a lot of talk in the past years about anti-democratic powers “weaponizing” information as a part of hybrid military operations, and for achieving their foreign policy objectives of undermining the democratic governments. Our co-founder Jaba Devdariani shares his thoughts.  
  • Young in Georgia Miss Out on Chances They Deserve  
    There has long been a lot of talks about Georgia`s progressive and business-friendly environment, but many can`t yet benefit from these positive developments. This is particularly true for young people, a group still trying to take their first steps on a labor market, only to find themselves alone in a heavy employment struggle shared by older generations. UNA Georgia`s Rusudan Chanturia is sharing her thoughts about employment in Georgia`s youth.  

United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia) is a local nonprofit that has worked since 1995 to encourage, support and safeguard the democratic aspirations of the people of Georgia. UNAG works to protect human rights, promote freedom of speech, advance good governance, and stimulate meaningful national discussions by encouraging citizen participation in the processes and decisions that affect their lives.

UNAG has been a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) since 1996, a non-governmental body that unites more than 100 UNAs worldwide. In 2003, UNAG became the recipient of the World Tolerance Award by the Friends of United Nations and the Champion of Tolerance Award in 2010 by the Ethnic Minority Council at the Public Defender of Georgia for UNAG’s contribution to promoting tolerance and diversity in Georgia.