Countrywide urban coverage through 15 youth centers


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Youth Centers (YCs) are educational and civic spaces, serving as service and opportunity hubs freely available to young people across Georgia. Youth Centers expand the footprint of youth empowerment and encourage youth participation in economic and civic life on regional and national levels. Youth centre members can participate in volunteering and educational projects, explore the country through exchange programs, acquire knowledge, and transfer it into practice. YC members can also benefit from internships, career guidance services, business English free courses, entrepreneurship, and other opportunities targeting their improved employability.

Goals of the Youth Centers

  • Provision of opportunities for youth professional and market-ready skills development.
  • We promote youth engagement in civic and social activities and democratic processes in Georgia.
  • Development of critical competencies and life skills of young individuals.
  • Promoting tolerance, inclusion, gender equality and other democratic and Western values among youth.
  • Individuals aged 14-29 are welcome to join the network of the Youth Centers.

Why should you join the Youth Center?

  • Improve your leadership and organizational skills.
  • Engage in various economic activities and develop practical skills that will help you improve your employment prospects. Develop your entrepreneurial skills.
  • Plan and implement youth projects and initiatives.
  • Visit different regions of your country and implement youth projects with your peers within the exchange programs.
  • Improve English language skills.
  • Receive career guidance service.
  • Take part in internship programs.
  • Participate in Model UN.

Being a member of the Youth Center will give you an opportunity to:

  • Get involved in various Youth Thematic Programs, participate in training, and become an active citizen of your country who is involved in the local community's social, political, and economic activities and beyond.
  • Engage in youth volunteering programs, including the business and entrepreneurship program, NATO-EU Taskforce, Public Health Program, Media Ecosystem Research program, and others.
  • Acquire and deepen knowledge on civic education issues, including human rights, gender equality, media literacy and monitoring, civic activism, tolerance, and diversity.
  • Meet industry leaders, experts, and successful professionals.

Locations of the Youth Centers

  • Akhaltsikhe Youth Center

Union of Democrat Meskhs.
Address: 26 Rustaveli Street

  • Akhalkalaki Youth Center

Union of Democrat Meskhs.
Address: 25 Teriani Street

  • Kutaisi Youth Center

Education Development and Employment Center.
Address: 64 Ingorokva Street.

  • Telavi Youth Center

Telavi Education Development and Employment Center.
Address: 8 Davit Rector Street.

  • Zugdidi Youth Center

Association Atinati.
Address: 94 Rustaveli Street.

  • Batumi Youth Center

Independent Journalists' House.
Address: 48 Memed Abashidze Street.

  • Ninotsminda Youth Center

Women's Association "Paros".
Address: 21 Chavchavadze Street.

  • Gori Youth Center

Welfare and Development Center.
Address: 20a Tarkhnishvili Street.

  • TSU Youth Center

Center for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations.
Address: 55 Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue (TSU VII Block).

  • Tbilisi Youth Center

Ilia State University.
Address: 21 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue.

  • Ozurgeti Youth Center

Young Pedagogues Union.
Address: 3 Gabriel Episkoposi Street.

  • Gardabani Youth Center

Civic Integration Foundation.
Address: 6/5 Leselidze Street.

  • Dmanisi Youth Center

Civic Integration Foundation.
Address: 64 9 April Street.

  • Marneuli Youth Center

Civic Integration and Activism Center.
Address: 60 Kostava Street.

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About the Program

Five-year-long USAID Program "Unity Through Diversity" is implemented by the UN Association of Georgia and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The program's goal is to promote civic and economic unity in Georgia and, simultaneously, to overcome the main barriers that impede the active participation of Georgian citizens in the country's political, civil, and economic life.