Empowering Tomorrow`s Leaders: Highlights from the 2023 UN Modeling National Assembly by UN Association of Georgia


Since 1995, the UN Association of Georgia has been organizing the UN Modeling, providing numerous generations with enriching experiences. In the 2023 United Nations Modeling National Assembly, members from our youth center, representing diverse regions of Georgia, actively participated.

The Model UN serves as an engaging academic role-playing game, designed to instill civic values, effective communication, and a deeper understanding of globalization and multilateral diplomacy among young individuals. The format, meticulously crafted by the Model United Nations Association, faithfully simulates the real activities of the United Nations, offering young ambassadors a unique firsthand experience in the intricate processes of resolving global issues through international diplomacy.

The UN Modeling National Assembly convened the best delegates from various regional modeling events. These regional sessions, facilitated by local trainers, involved two-member teams from youth centers. These trainers underwent specialized training, earning certification as Model United Nations trainers at the assembly.

A total of 54 delegates from across Georgia participated in the National Modeling Assembly of the United Nations, with winners identified in nine distinct categories:

  • Best Delegate: Sandro Silagadze, the Iraqi delegate from Kutaisi Youth Center, and Nino Guseinova, the Chinese delegate from Marneuli Youth Center.
  • Best Debater: Sandro Sherozia, the Mexican delegate from Zugdidi Youth Center, and Alexander Onian, the German delegate from Batumi Youth Center.
  • Best Diplomat: Mariam Kontselidze, the Uruguayan delegate from Batumi Youth Center, and Anamaria Makishvili, the Chilean delegate from Akhmet Youth Center.
  • Best Position: Mariam Batonishvili, the South Korean delegate from Gori Youth Center; Shalva Bichelashvili, the Greek delegate from Telavi Youth Center; and Mariam Ramishvili, the US delegate from Ozurgeti Youth Center.
  • Additionally, Angelika Karsliani from Ninotsminda Youth Center received recognition in the "Most Courageous" category for being the smallest participant of the Assembly.

The UN Association of Georgia collaborates with Buckswood International School and receives support from USAID Unity through Diversity program for the implementation of UN Modeling.

UN Modeling is a longstanding program since 1995. The methodology is based on the framework developed by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), adapted to high school students and undergraduates.