News Media Production and Capacity Building

There is no democracy without debate. There can be no adequate debate, without verifiable facts. These two simple notions gave birth to our flagship media product - Civil Georgia – a news website. Our small editorial team found that there was no information service on the market that provided balanced and reliable record of political and social developments, while supporting civic-minded debate on pressing issues.

Since 2001, has become the news outlet of record. With its archive spanning the last 20 years in open, searchable access, it became irreplaceable asset for scholars, investigative journalists, students wishing to look at the backstories of todays developments. A predominantly English-language outlet, it has also been consistently running the Georgian and Russian versions, widening its reach and audience. Two of its new, Georgian-language projects, Republic-100 and Europe Herald build on the original purpose with modern twist – spanning social media audiences, and giving even deeper context – both historical and geographic, to the news we cover every day.

Combatting Disinformation and Misinformation

Youth Positive Development

Ethnic and Religious Minority Rights

Civic Activism and Community Engagement

Public Health Management and Risk Communication

Skills Anticipation, Matching, and Development

Non-formal and Informal Education

Civil Society Resilience and Sustainability


Interview | John A. Pennel, USAID Mission Director

Mr. Pennel kindly agreed to speak with about USAID programs and priorities in Georgia.


Republic100 - filling Georgia`s memory gap

As the European nations were waking by the end of the 19th century, and the central and eastern European nations were finding their equal place among the nations of the world, so did Georgia. Its short-lived, but vibrant Democratic Republic of 1918-1921 has put down the foundations of genuinely popular and democratic institutions.


Infodemic in Georgia

This study, which involves monitoring of traditional and social media in 2020, aims at identifying key messages and false information concerning the pandemic as well as mapping sources, including antivaxxer groups and channels of dissemination of information.


Anti-Western Propaganda: Media Monitoring Report - 2016

This study presents the analysis of media monitoring carried out by the Media Development Foundation (MDF)