Nationwide rural coverage through Traveling University

Through the Traveling University, we seek to reverse the traditionally urban-centric communication channels and provide engaging, relevant, and actionable education to the most vulnerable and underserved communities in Georgia that have minimal access to the country's economic, social, and political life. In doing so, we depart from conventionally singular activities and have designed and deployed a full, 12-part curriculum to every community we will target over several visits. Traveling University's mission is not only to inform but to incite critical thinking, to promote a better understanding of civil society, to better acquaint local populations with pressing social, economic, and political processes in the country, to amplify the voices of those most underserved, and to encourage action. 

Traveling University also seeks to counteract the disinformation by building a positive narrative around civil society, activism, democracy, human rights, and gender equality by presenting them as Georgian, traditional, and homegrown values. To do so, the researchers, academicians, university lecturers and other prominent experts travel around the country to conduct lectures and engage communities in discussions on Georgia's past, present and future.