Empowering Youth for a Brighter Future: Highlights from the Unity through Diversity Summer School


In a bid to provide young people with a platform to exchange ideas, collaborate, and envision a brighter tomorrow, the United Nations Association of Georgia, under the USAID Unity Through Diversity program, organized a transformative summer school for active students from 15 youth centers across the nation.

The summer school, held under the theme of Unity Through Diversity, aimed to bring together students with diverse interests and backgrounds to work collectively in four thematic groups:

Multimedia and Communications
Human Rights
Economic Empowerment of Young People
Civic Activism and Advocacy

Over the course of the program, participants engaged in interactive sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs that encouraged critical thinking, leadership development, and teamwork. The focus was on nurturing the participants' skills and empowering them to contribute effectively to society.

At the conclusion of the summer school, an inspiring summing-up event took place where each group proudly presented the ideas they had developed alongside their mentors. These ideas were showcased in the form of engaging presentations, reflecting the participants' dedication and commitment to creating positive change.

One participant, Nodiko Tsutskiridze, a member of the Kutaisi Youth Center, shared his heartwarming experience, stating, "This summer school for me was a week full of memories, knowledge, and emotions that will always stay with me. The school helped me develop my critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork skills. It gave me the opportunity to present myself to everyone - the version of Nodiko that I am striving to develop. I believe that the acquired knowledge will be an experience in the next stage of life that will make any job easier for me."

The impact of this transformative program goes beyond just the summer school. By empowering young minds and fostering collaboration, it has laid the foundation for a promising future where these bright individuals can contribute positively to their communities and beyond.

With initiatives like this, the United Nations Association of Georgia reaffirms its commitment to empowering the youth and building a society that thrives on the power of unity, diversity, and innovative ideas. Together, these young change-makers are paving the way for a better, more inclusive world.

Youth Centers (YCs) are educational and civic spaces, serving as service and opportunity hubs freely available to young people across Georgia. Youth Centers expand the footprint of youth em- powerment and encourage youth participation in economic and civic life on regional and national levels. Members of the Youth Centers have an opportunity to participate in volunteering and ed- ucational projects, explore the country through the exchange programs, acquire knowledge, and transfer it into practice. YC members can also benefit from internships, career guidance services, business English free courses, entrepreneurship, and other opportunities targeting their improved employability.

Goals of the Youth Centers

  • Provision of the opportunities for youth professional and market-ready skills development.
  • Promotion of youth engagement in civic and social activities, and democratic processes in Georgia.
  • Development of key competencies and life skills of young individuals.
  • Promoting tolerance, inclusion, gender equality and other democratic and Western values among youth.
  • Individuals aged 14-29 are welcome to join the network of the Youth Centers.

The summer school was held within the framework of the USAID Unity Through Diversity program, which is implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia), with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).