Georgia Marks 104 Years Since Independence Proclamation


On this day 104 years ago, Georgia declared independence. Although three years later, in February 1921, the Bolshevik Red Army invaded the country and Georgia later regained its independence, on April 9, 1991, Georgia Celebrates Independence Day on May 26, declared by the First Republic.

From the minutes of the first session of the National Council of Georgia: Sunday, May 26, 1918. City of Tbilisi, Palace.

The session was attended by 42 members and 36 candidates.

There are innumerable communities in the lodges and in the seating gallery.

The square in front of the palace and the nearest streets are crowded.

The Georgian flag flies over the palace.

The session is chaired by Noe Jordania, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Council. In the Presidium are Giorgi Laskhishvili, Grigol Veshapeli, Pavle Sakvarelidze. The secretary is Ilia Zurabishvili - the Secretary of the National Council.

The session starts at 4:50 pm.

When the chairman takes his seat, the council and the people in attendance greet him with a standing ovation and a thunderous applause.

Chairman: I am announcing the opening of the National Council session.

"Dear Citizens! Today you have witnessed a rare historical and at the same time tragic act here. One state has died in this hall today, and today, in the same hall, the foundation is laid for another state.

There is no conflict of interest between these two states, one of which has died, and the other has been born.

And if the first one ever resurrects from the dead, we must be sure that there will always be corresponding interests between them. (applause)

The new state - Georgia (Sakartvelo), which is being founded today, will not go against the interests of any nation, people, or state.

Its goal is to survive in a modern-day historical storm."

Noe Jordania reads the "Georgia's Act of Independence".

The council and the people in attendance listen to him while standing. Each article provokes loud applause. A long ovation is held after the reading.

After the fall of silence, at the suggestion of the chairman, the secretary of the National Council goes to the balcony and reads the act of independence to the people gathered in front of the palace. While reading the act of independence, a detachment of honorary guards is guarding two national flags on the balcony. Each article of the act evokes admiration, applause and ovations… / Republic100

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