conference for youth - "concerning the global view of climate change"


Sweden’s UN association has organized an international conference for youth in Stockholm, concerning the global view of climate change. Young activists of the United Nations Association of Georgia from Gori, Akhaltsikhe, and Kutaisi who were participants of the Fostering Inclusive Democracy(FID) have partaken in the conference alongside the representatives of Sweden and Armenia.

During their speeches, people articulated their points of view on climate change and participated in the process of conceiving recommendations, which were prepared for the international conference:,,Stockholm +50: A healthy planet for universal well-being  - our responsibility, our opportunity”.

The "Stockholm+50" conference was committed to the 50th anniversary of the first environmental conference of the United Nations and in the format of "Leaders' Dialogue," current issues of environmental protection differed. The conference aimed to maximize the involvement of diverse groups in the community so that everyone's voice is regarded.

Before the Stockholm meeting, consultations were held in different countries, in which representatives of state agencies, private sector and non-governmental organizations, civil activists, educational circles, and community and youth organizations took part. The opinions, recommendations, and/or action plans of the participants within the consultations were then announced at the Stockholm conference.

The online youth conference was planned within the framework of the Democratic Engagement Support Program, implemented by UNA Georgia in cooperation with the Swedish UN Association, with financial support from Forum Civ/SIDA.

You can see the addresses and video messages of the youthful delegates: