Trilingual media platform - Civil Georgia

Civil Georgia is a Tbilisi-based free daily news website, operated in three languages (English, Russian, Georgian), which UNA Georgia created with the purpose of filling the gap of trust in Georgia’s divided, politically biased media. During the last 20 years of its uninterrupted service, continues to serve this unique purpose. 

UNAG launched Civil Georgia ( in 2001, which soon succeeded in becoming one of the very few sources of information that enjoy unreserved trust by local and international readers in Georgia. With over 1,750,000 unique users from all corners of the globe in 2021, reaches out to the policy and academic communities in Georgia, as well as in Europe and the U.S., to officials working in EU and international organizations, as well as Tbilisi-based foreign diplomatic corps. news are extensively used by local and international, government and non-government agencies in Georgia and abroad, who extensively rely on news and archives in their reports and publications. is a source of information for many local media outlets, which use it for fact checking stories, including through's unique archive, which dates back from 2001 and enabling as Georgia's newspaper of record.