Empowering Tomorrow`s Leaders: UN Modeling Clubs in Youth Centers Excel in Global Problem-Solving


Do you remember when we first announced the inception of UN modeling clubs in youth centers? It brings us immense joy to report that this initiative has not only taken root but has also thrived beyond expectations. In 15 centers spanning across the picturesque landscapes of Georgia, these clubs have actively engaged in meaningful pursuits, culminating in the hosting of final conferences that have been nothing short of remarkable.

These young visionaries have passionately come together to tackle global problems that plague our world today, encompassing a wide array of topics. They have taken on the roles of delegates from various countries, diving deep into the complexities of international diplomacy, and putting forth innovative solutions that reflect the interests of their assigned nations.

At the heart of these endeavors is the United Nations' modeling approach, a program designed to empower and educate our youth about the complexities of global issues, international relations, and the art of negotiation. Through this, they have not only broadened their horizons but have also cultivated skills that are invaluable for their future endeavors.

Key Highlights of the UN Modeling Clubs' Journey:

  1. Global Problem Solving: These young minds have delved into a myriad of global problems, ranging from climate change to human rights, poverty, and more. Their in-depth research and creative problem-solving approaches have left us in awe.

  2. International Diplomacy: Through role-playing as delegates from different countries, they have learned the intricacies of international diplomacy. This has given them a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by global cooperation.

  3. Innovative Solutions: The young participants have presented innovative solutions that reflect the diverse interests and perspectives of the nations they represented. Their ability to think critically and propose viable solutions is commendable.

  4. Final Conferences: The culminating events hosted by these clubs have been nothing short of spectacular. The final conferences brought together participants from all 15 centers, allowing them to showcase their hard work, share insights, and foster lasting connections.

Join the UN Modeling Experience:

Are you inspired by the remarkable journey of our youth in these UN modeling clubs? If so, we invite you to join the movement and become a part of this transformative experience. Whether you're a young individual eager to participate or a mentor looking to guide and inspire, there's a place for you in our youth centers.

Detailed Information about UN Modeling - LINK 

The UN modeling program is an immersive educational initiative that empowers young people to understand global issues and the intricacies of international diplomacy. By simulating the United Nations, participants gain valuable skills such as negotiation, research, public speaking, and teamwork.

Information for Those Wishing to Join Youth Centers - LINK

If you're interested in joining our youth centers and becoming a part of this extraordinary journey, please stay tuned for upcoming registration details, events, and opportunities to get involved. Together, we can make a positive impact on our world, one thoughtful solution at a time.

Stay connected with us for more updates on the UN modeling clubs' activities and the latest news from our youth centers across Georgia.

USAID Unity Through Diversity program is implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA Georgia), with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).