Raising Media Literacy Among Young People


Raising media literacy among young people is one of the priority areas of UNA Georgia.  

In partnership with Media Development Foundation (MDF) , young people have the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills that will help them distinguish between misinformation, false and damaging information, and verify the credibility of a source and manipulative visuals.  

"In a series of trainings that covered media literacy as well as digital literacy, I learned how to recognize disinformation, check the credibility of a source and avoid cyber fraud. Knowing all of this is important in today's digital age, as technological advances facilitate the widespread dissemination of both true and fake information. Within the framework of the trainings, I developed such skills as critical thinking, which allows me to analyze and objectively evaluate media messages; Also, I learned the techniques of media production, the impact on the audience and the critical evaluation of the results of this impact." - Etuna Asashvili, USAID Unity Through Diversity Program.