Nini Barkava - Public Health Ambassador


"No matter what profession you have, you can help to take care of your health and the health of those around you." - Nini Barkava, public health ambassador in the village Dimi (Imereti). 

Nini is one of UNA Georgia's public health ambassadors, as well as a co-founder of the initiative group "Women of Dimi". The group has existed for one year and works towards the economic empowerment of women living in Dimi. 

"We are trying to strengthen the village by economically empowering the women living here. In fact, we are the only such organization in the district. During this past year, we have managed to change people’s attitudes. Previously, non-governmental organizations and feminist unions were seen with suspicion in our village, but now this has changed. The involvement in the public health information campaign and cooperation with UNA Georgia were especially important for this shift in attitudes," says Nini. 

As part of the public health information campaign, UNA Georgia together with the public health ambassadors, held a meeting with residents of Dimi. After the meeting, the participants said that they found the information relevant for their everyday lives and will continue to draw on this knowledge in the future. 

Nini also attended a series of trainings organized for public health ambassadors in Tbilisi. 

"My involvement in this project was very useful, because I received the necessary information that I will definitely utilize in my daily life, and I also met very interesting, motivated and successful people." 

The information campaign is carried out by UNA Georgia, with financial support from the European Union and the World Health Organization.