Traveling University - Lectures about Russo - Ukrainian War


Traveling University has already held about 10 meetings in various cities and villages regarding the ongoing processes in Ukraine.

Meetings were held in: Kaspi, Gori, Sveneti village (Gori municipality), Surami, Marneuli, Kekhijvari village (Kareli municipality), Chakvi and Khashuri.

Traveling University continues to hold meetings and give the opportunity of participation to many more young people, who are now most concerned about the ongoing processes and historical experiences in Ukraine and the region in general. 

The lectures are held by the lecturers of the Traveling University: 

  • Conflictologist, Professor Paata Zakareishvili
  • Historian Irakli Iremadze
  • Historian David Jishkariani
  • Political scientist Levan Lortkipanidze
  • Historian Irakli Khvadagiani

During the meetings, the attendees (high school students, teachers and university students) have the opportunity to ask questions about the ongoing processes in Ukraine and receive comprehensive answers. 

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