Zeinab Khimshiashvili - Participant of the Traveling University


"It was right after the meeting with the Traveling University when I got the motivation to become a more active citizen. I came up with the idea for a social campaign focused on animal protection, and I am going to implement it.

We all need to enhance the information supply chain together, and we should all get involved in the concept of the Traveling University, which means disseminating information even in the most inaccessible places.” - Zeinab Khimshiashvili, 23 years old, participant of the Traveling University.

Zeinab is studying for a master's degree at St. Tbel Abuserisdze Teaching University. She currently lives in the village of Nigazeuli, Shuakhevi Municipality, and she tells us about the experience gained within the EU-funded Traveling University:

"I think every person should have a general knowledge about our past, our history, and the opportunities that existed and still exist around us.

The Traveling University has the same idea - to provide basic knowledge and information about opportunities to young people in villages and small towns.

Such sessions inspire individuals since the lecturers that come within the Traveling University have a variety of professional experiences, talk about different topics, and during the meetings, you may find yourself and build motivation." – says Zeinab.

For Zeinab, the lecture format of the Traveling University proved to be very interesting and special:

"Meeting with the lecturers of the Traveling University was a special opportunity for me. Normally, I do not attend such lectures; however, for some reason, I decided to come here. I was very happy that the meeting turned out to be loaded with interesting and useful information.

I think these meetings should be continuous, because when I talk about the information received at these meetings in the village, a lot of people are surprised, how I know about it; This fact means that it is very important to keep holding such meetings and reaching out to the entire rural population, particularly the youth."

The Traveling University is a part of the “Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-share” (LINKS) project implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG) and Open Society Foundation Georgia (OSGF). The project is funded through the EU’s larger “Skills4Jobs” program, which aims to support vocational education and labor market development. 

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