Promoting Integration, Tolerance & Awareness program (PITA)

Promoting Integration, Tolerance & Awareness program (PITA), implemented by the UN Association of Georgia with the financial support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was a six-year (2015-2021), forward-looking program that brought together youth, minorities, civil society organizations and the Government of Georgia for learning, exercising, protecting, and further advancing the diversity and tolerance in Georgia. PITA combined policymaking, capacity building, advocacy, and grassroots activism to achieve a lasting change in how Georgia understands, protects, and advances the rights of all ethnic and religious minority communities. 

PITA was a scaled-up, holistic continuation of joint efforts of the GoG, civil society, and the USG to reinvent the role of diversity in Georgia's democratic development, and to re-invite the traditions of tolerance and equality nationwide. By the same token, PITA worked actively against hate speech, xenophobia, discrimination, growing Anti-Western propaganda and malign Kremlin influence. 
PITA was built around three main Objectives:
  • To increase interaction between ethnic/religious minorities and GOG 
  • To increase the level of civic engagement and integration among and between the youth of diverse ethnic/religious backgrounds 
  • To increase public awareness and education about diversity
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Program Achievements:
  • PITA assisted the Government of Georgia and advanced national integration policies  
  • PITA assisted the Public Defender of Georgia to protect and promote the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in Georgia
  • PITA supported civil society development across the regions of Georgia, and supported active civil society response to Georgia’s information integrity 
  • PITA’s youth members became the voices of change across the country