Celebrating Youth Day at UNA Georgia`s Youth Centers: Empowerment, Engagement, and Opportunities


Georgia's Youth Centers (YCs) are gearing up to celebrate Youth Day with a range of exciting activities and opportunities for young individuals aged 14-29. These centers, spread across 15 locations in the country, are educational and civic spaces that serve as hubs for youth empowerment, skill development, and civic engagement. As the nation celebrates the energy, potential, and enthusiasm of its youth, the Youth Centers are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Georgia.

Youth Centers: A Platform for Empowerment and Engagement

The Youth Centers, established under the five-year-long USAID Program "Unity Through Diversity," are a testament to Georgia's commitment to fostering a generation of informed, engaged, and skilled youth. These centers serve as a space where young people can acquire professional skills, engage in civic and social activities, and actively participate in the democratic processes of the country.

Youth Day Celebrations and Activities

On Youth Day, all 15 Youth Centers will host a variety of events and activities to celebrate the youth of Georgia. From leadership workshops and skill-building sessions to cultural exchanges and discussions on pressing issues, the day promises to be filled with excitement and learning. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to explore the offerings of the Youth Centers, including volunteering programs, educational projects, exchange programs, and career guidance services.

Why Join the Youth Center?

Are you a young individual looking to make a positive impact and equip yourself with valuable skills? Joining the Youth Center network offers an array of benefits, including:

  1. Skill Development: Enhance your professional skills and boost your employability.
  2. Civic Engagement: Get involved in civic and social activities that shape your community.
  3. Entrepreneurship: Develop entrepreneurial skills and practical knowledge for the business world.
  4. Youth Projects: Plan and execute youth projects and initiatives that drive change.
  5. Country Exploration: Take part in exchange programs and projects across different regions of Georgia.
  6. Language Skills: Improve your English language proficiency.
  7. Career Guidance: Receive guidance to navigate your career path effectively.
  8. Internship Opportunities: Gain hands-on experience through internship programs.
  9. Model UN Participation: Engage in global issues through Model UN participation.

A Vision for Empowered Youth

The Youth Centers' vision goes beyond just skill development. By participating in their thematic programs, volunteering initiatives, and civic education projects, youth are exposed to democratic values, media literacy, tolerance, and diversity. This comprehensive approach aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are not only skilled but also socially conscious and actively engaged citizens.

Join the Celebration

As Georgia celebrates Youth Day, the Youth Centers are at the forefront of creating an inclusive and dynamic space for young individuals to thrive. By becoming a part of this network, you can contribute to the growth of the nation, drive positive change, and set yourself on a path of personal and professional success.

For more information about the Youth Centers, their locations, and the exciting opportunities they offer, visit Youth Centers Website.