Successful Conclusion of National UN Modeling Conference in Georgia


The first National UN Modeling Conference, organized in collaboration with the United Nations Association of Georgia and Buckswood School, recently concluded with great success. This groundbreaking event, held as part of the UN Modeling School Program, provided an invaluable platform for students to engage in simulated diplomatic discussions and develop a deeper understanding of global issues.

The UN Modeling School Program, initiated by the UN Association of Georgia, encompassed a comprehensive training course for teachers involved in the project. Equipped with newfound knowledge, these teachers introduced the UN Modeling Club in their respective schools and subsequently organized intra-school conferences. The winners of these conferences earned the opportunity to represent their countries in the prestigious national conference.

Highlighting the conference's agenda was a simulation of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization (SPECPOL). Participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions centered around the topic of incompletely recognized states, specifically focusing on Palestine and Taiwan. The conference brought together students from various esteemed educational institutions, including:

  • Buckswood International School - Tbilisi
  • Public School No. 4 of the city of Rustavi, named after Juli Shartava
  • Georgian-American School of Progress
  • Green School
  • Logos International Academy
  • N199 Public School of Physics-Mathematics N199 of SSI Vladimir Komarov Tbilisi
  • Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium
  • Gymnasium "Shavnabada"

Over the course of two intensive days, delegates engaged in fruitful debates, passionate polemics, and diplomatic negotiations. The exceptional abilities and diplomatic acumen displayed by the participants were recognized and celebrated during the awarding ceremony.

Among the distinguished recipients of the Best Delegate award were Ana Shubitidze, representing Israel, and Petre Labartkava, representing Finland. These individuals demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a deep understanding of their respective countries' diplomatic positions.

The Best Debate award was bestowed upon Dachi Gachechiladze, representing Malaysia, and Otar Nozadze, representing Uganda. Their eloquence, critical thinking, and persuasive arguments left a lasting impact on fellow delegates and judges alike.

Acknowledging their exemplary diplomatic skills, Andria Gagua, representing Hungary, and Mariam Giorgadze, representing South Africa, received the prestigious Best Diplomat award.

The Best Position Application Award recognized the outstanding research and comprehensive understanding displayed by Mia Gianidze, representing Nigeria, and Kesaria Feikrishvili, representing Brazil.

Finally, after careful deliberation, the coveted Best Delegation award was granted to the 4th Public School of Rustavi. This remarkable achievement showcased the dedication, teamwork, and exceptional performance of the entire delegation from the school.

The National UN Modeling Conference not only provided an enriching experience for the participating students but also highlighted the importance of diplomacy, international cooperation, and understanding global issues. It served as a testament to the potential of young minds in shaping a more peaceful and inclusive world.