Empowering Georgia`s Youth: Young European Ambassadors Drive Awareness of Euro-Atlantic Integration and Inclusive Democracy


The role of young people in the process of development of Georgia as a democratic and inclusive state is crucial. Young leaders can also make an important contribution to the process of raising public awareness of Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration and European aspirations. 

Within the framework of the USAID 'Unity Through Diversity' Program, implemented by UNA Georgia, 30 "Young European Ambassadors" held 90 meetings in 65 villages of 23 municipalities of Georgia, reaching out 1700 participants. During the meetings, young people informed their peers and teachers about the benefits and implications that Euro-Atlantic integration will bring to Georgia, including economic and educational opportunities. 

On June 20, the "Young European Ambassadors" summarized the information campaign - receptiveness and engagement of the audience, and most of all, what myths and stereotypes exist about the European Union. The closing event was preceded by a panel discussion with the participation of experts working on Euro-Atlantic integration processes.