Youth Program on Promoting Access to Public Healthcare


Ensuring equal accessibility to information about public healthcare services is of utmost importance for UNA-Georgia.  

In pursuit of this goal, the participants of our Youth Program on Promoting Access to Public Healthcare, specifically students with a medical background, conduct meetings across Georgia and disseminate vital information to the public regarding a range of essential services.  

During these meetings, individuals express their reluctance to seek preventive medical services due to a lack of information. As part of this campaign, our aim is to address all their concerns, provide comprehensive answers to their questions, and bridge the information gap.  

As part of our program, in collaboration with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC & PH), our volunteers have actively participated in a global hypertension screening campaign under the guidance of Dali Trapaidze, the campaign representative in Georgia. The primary objective of this initiative is to identify cases of high blood pressure and mitigate potential health risks through early detection and prevention.   

"We initiated this campaign recognizing the significance of young individuals regularly monitoring their blood pressure, at least once every three years. This practice is crucial as they may unknowingly carry high blood pressure, which can lead to a multitude of health issues," Nikala Kakabadze, a participant of the Youth Program on Promoting Access to Public Healthcare. 

Monitor and undertake medical care. 

Youth Program on Promoting Access to Public Healthcare is carried out under the USAID Unity Through Diversity Program, which is implemented by UNA-Georgia with financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).