The United Nations Association of Georgia attended 39th Plenary Assembly of the World Federation of United Nations Associations


On August 10-12, 2009 the UNA-Republic of Korea hosted 39th Plenary Assembly of the World Federation of United Nations Associations dedicated to the theme "Global citizens for the United Nations”. 122 delegates from UNAs, representing every region of the world, were welcomed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the addresses were made by the President of UNA-Republic of Korea, Kim Seung Youn, the outgoing President of WFUNA, Hans Blix and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Han Seung-soo.</p> <p>In frames of the Plenary Assembly in Seoul, the World Federation of United Nations Associations set policy priorities and programmatic directions of the organization for the period 2009-2012. During three years the overall strategic frameworks of WFUNA would be focused on working for peace and security, promoting sustainable development, securing human rights and furthering international cooperation. The note speakers made presentations and informal workshops on the topics of strategic policy issues.</p> <p>At the meeting the delegates of the United Nations Associations discussed particular importance of nuclear-weapon states to take steps towards disarmament and leading role of the UN in pressing governments for eliminating mass-destruction weapon. WFUNA gave recommendations to the UN member countries to strengthen working on non-proliferation and toimplement resolutions of the UN Security Council. The members of WFUNA discussed role of UN’s peacekeeping in conflict prevention and encouraged leaders to collaborate on conflict resolution issues. See:<strong>"</strong>Seoul Declaration: the UN’s agenda is our agenda”</p> <p>The representatives of the UNAs made discussions on Millennium Development Goals and expressed their opinion on the ways of meeting the targets, also called for governments of the member countries to strengthen cooperation for ensuring better standards of life.</p> <p>The delegates of the UNAs discussed reforming of UN issues to respond rapidly and effectively to the full range of global challenges.</p> <p>39th Plenary Assembly of WFUNA issued set ofresolutionson<strong>Responsibility to protect</strong>, including the three aspects of the responsibility to prevent, to protect and to rebuild,<strong>Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament</strong>, emphasized regulation of armament as a core element of ensuring international peace and security,<strong>Nuclear testing by the DPRK</strong>, maintaining stability in the Asian-Pacific region and beyond,<strong>The Climate Change</strong>, documented influence of climate changes on humanity,<span style="font-weight: bold;"></span><strong>International Peace Operation</strong>, emphasized collaboration of all nations on peace building issues,<strong>Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR),</strong>promoting equal human rights without distinctions,<strong>Resolution on Invigorating The UN through better management and a revitalized General Assembly</strong>, noting importance of reforming management of the organization to manage the resources more effectively,<strong>Promotion and Reporting by Governments to their People</strong>, considered role of governments in public awareness raising process,<strong>Resolution on Harnessing Information and Communication Technologies</strong>for more effective collaboration between UN and WFUNA.</p> <p>The parallel to the Plenary Assembly, the 2nd WFUNA–youth plenary meeting was held and attended by 43 delegates from 24 UNAs. WFUNA-youth considered youth-related issues, cooperation with WFUNA and involvement of youth in promoting principles of UN. The youth representatives participated in the WFUNA Plenary Assembly as voting members. In addition,8 UNAswere welcomed as new members of WFUNA and others wouldbe affiliated in case being active within six months after the Plenary Assembly and be proven by the Secretariat.</p> <p>39th Plenary Assembly elected a new President, Vice Presidents, atreasurer and members of Executive Committee. Mr. Ramaz Aptsiauri, a co-founder of The United Nations Association of Georgia, was elected to the executive committee of WFUNA. Park Soo Gil, a former Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, was elected as a President of WFUNA.See Profile of elected leadership>></p> <p>Park Soo Gil, the new president of WFUNA, delivered a speech about particular importance of WFUNA in implementing "Global Citizens for the UN” Campaign for bringing people closer to UN and increasing civil society involvement in meeting global challenges.Click here>></p> <p>All delegates were hosted by Gillian Sorensen, friends of WFUNA Board Member and Senior Adviser for the UN foundation. Mrs. Sorensen noted importance of collaboration and readiness of foundation for supporting purposes and initiatives of WFUNA organization. A private tree planting ceremony at Namsan Park was dedicated to the memory of the late Mr. Arthur Ross, the founder of the friends of WFUNA and supporter of the organization. UNAG as a member of WFUNA attended 39th Plenary Assembly. Therepresentatives of UNAG took a valued contribution in defining policy priorities of organization.</p> <p>At the closing ceremony, UNA-Republic ofKoreaorganizedsightseeing tourinImjingak Park, The third Tunnel, Changdeok-gung Palaca, Insadong in order to familiarize delegates withlifestyle and culture ofKorea Republic.</p> <p>The representatives of member UNAs of the WFUNA agreed on multilateral cooperation for ensuring co-operation and peaceful co-existence environment among all nations, overcoming the biggest threats to humanity, increasing role of civil society in meeting global challenges and building capacity of states for improving standards of life.