International Education Day


Today we celebrate International Education Day!

United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA - Georgia), with the generous support of donors and partners, contributes to the creation and strengthening of educational platforms within the framework of different programs.

We share knowledge and experience throughout Georgia through USAID Unity through Diversity Program’s Youth Centers, LINKS Program’s knowledge and skills development centers, Traveling University, and other platforms.

One of UNA Georgia’s education-focused programs, Traveling University, covers about 90 townships and villages with the number of participants exceeding 5000. Under Traveling University, lectures are offered to the most vulnerable communities with limited access to information. We go where we are needed the most, regardless of the road, weather, and other hindering factors.

Lectures are held in the regions populated by ethnic and religious minorities, and the materials are translated into Azeri and Armenian languages as the need prevails.

Thematic meetings are based on the needs of the participants and cover the areas that include but are not limited to: civic education, history, politics, conflicts, public health, environmental activism, village and community development, youth politics, agriculture, tourism, and employment.