Gvantsa Gogitidze - Participant of the Traveling University


"I really like the idea of the Traveling University since it allows people with less access to education to get it. The program is cognitive, and I believe that after just one meeting, all students, like me, will see the discussed important issue in a new light. And they will find motivation in the stories of the people the invited lecturers have been telling us about.

I would like to have many of these kind meetings in my village for motivating more and more people" - Gvantsa Gogitidze, 16 years oldparticipant of the Traveling University.

Gvantsa is a student at Chibati Public School (Lanchkhuti,Guria) and she tells us about her experience gained within the EU-funded Traveling University:

“The fact that the lectures are given by distinguished lecturers and invited guests makes the Traveling University special.In general, meetings are equally standard - the speaker talks, and if you have questions, you ask them; if not, the meeting ends. However, the approach of the Traveling University lecturers was so special that we did not pause, and the whole meeting was conducted in a discussion format. As a result, we have received comprehensive answers to all the questions, and we are excited about another similar opportunity.

Three things I really liked about these meetings are the lecturers' sociability, their method and ability to convey, and the environment created by the Traveling University organizers." - says Gvantsa.

As Gvantsa says, this meeting was a great motivation for her since she got a desire to share the information received during the meetings with her peers and also use it for new opportunities:

"Because many children here do not have access to useful information, I believe that the existence of the Traveling University is very important and will positively impact each of our lives. Therefore, I want to encourage my peers not to miss any opportunity and get involved in the activities of the Traveling University, because it will be extremely beneficial for them."

The Traveling University is a part of the “Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-share” (LINKS) project implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG) and Open Society Foundation Georgia (OSGF). The project is funded through the EU’s larger “Skills4Jobs” program, which aims to support vocational education and labor market development.

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