How do we protect our hands from Covid-19? 5 tips from a doctor


How many times have we heard the words, "Wash your hands" as a child. Hand washing has been taught to us since childhood, from school, to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria. Today, even to protect oneself from the new coronavirus, doctors first recommend hand washing.
Anesthesiologist-resuscitator Archil Marshania explains how soap neutralizes coronavirus molecules and how to wash our hands properly to avoid getting infected with the virus.
  • Tip 1 - Soap should touch the entire surface of the skin


  • Tip 2 - Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds


  • Tip 3 - Wash your hands as many times as you touch a suspicious surface


  • Tip 4 - Use a hand sanitizer or any alcohol-based solution


  • Tip 5 - It does not matter which soap you wash