five-day training course “Human Rights in Action”


On September 27, 2021, the UN Association of Georgia in partnership with the World Federation of United Nations (WFUNA) commenced a five-day training course “Human Rights in Action”. The training course is organized in frames of “Fostering Inclusive Democracy [FID]” Program jointly implemented by #UNAG and UNA Sweden with the financial support of ForumCiv/SIDA.

The first stage of the program delivers training sessions in human rights and project management to 20 young participants from Armenia and Georgia. Throughout the training, participants will have the opportunity to interact with key actors in the human rights field. The project management component of the training will focus on teaching practical skills and applying theoretical knowledge in the development and execution of human rights projects.
Upon completion of the training course, in the second phase of the Human Rights in Action Program, trained youth will be able to participate in small grants program and organize youth-led projects and activities focused on human rights, civic awareness, and integration.