The Citizens Service Center delivers trainings for its staff members


UNA Georgia, Liberty Institute and Partners Georgia are running the joint initiative "Citizens Service Center” of the Mayors’ Office. In frames of this initiative the qualification requirements and job descriptions for the Department’s staff has been prepared. The conception of "Citizens Service Center” was elaborated according to the international (Eastern European) standards and experience.</p> <p>The department – Citizens Service Center was created during the reorganization process in the Mayor’s Office, and new staff members attended trainings on effective communication, conflict/stress management, communication skills, and accessibility to public information. The trainings were organized with the aim of improving the staff’s ability to provide fast and reliable service to the citizens.</p> <p>As a result of the program efficient and centralized system of citizens’ service will be developed. This system will improve the quality of the citizens’ service and make the activities of local self-government more transparent.</p> <p>The program will serve as a successful example of collaboration oriented on problem solving between governmental bodies, nongovernmental and international organizations.