ANI’s Youth Promote Reading among Children


January 21, Ozurgeti YC organized a presentation of mobile library to officially launch a Reading Campaign in Ozurgeti. The major goal of the campaign is to help children discover fascination in reading.


The presentation was attended by over 100 guests, including the representatives of local public schools and a famous Georgian author - Anna Kordzaia-Samadashvili. Ms. Samadashvili also gave a speech about the importance of promoting reading among children, especially among those, who live in remote, hard-to-reach villages and have no opportunity to access literature and enjoy reading.

Each school of Ozurgeti municipality and it’s adjacent villages will be able to host the ‘mobile library’, which holds over 120 fiction, nonfiction, poetry, novels and other books of world authors in hard copies and audio formats for different age groups, starting from 6thto 12thgraders, meeting the requirements of a variety of reading levels and interests.