UNAG conducted Model UN Session on MDGs commemorating UN 61 Anniversary in Georgian American University


On October 24, 2006 UNAG conducted Model UN Session on MDGs commemorating UN 61 Anniversary in Georgian American University (GAU).</p> <p>About thirty students from different universities gathered on October 24 to discuss incredibly important issue UN Millennium Development Goals, which was singed by UN member states in 2000. The participants of the session during the preparation period got acquainted with the United Nations mandate, Millennium Development Goals, International policies of different countries, etc. that gave them opportunity to discuss and argue the problem in a fitting manner.</p> <p>The session was full of activism and humor; students were absolutely in shoes of their countries. Most of the participants were dressed in national clothes accordingly to their "nationality”.</p> <p>At the session fourteen countries were working in created coalitions, among them were five Veto countries, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Spain. Each country was presented by two delegates.</p> <p>"Diplomats” offered the audience own point of view about Millennium Development Goals taking into consideration country’s national interests. They discussed not only MDG progress in own countries but also elaborated the additional mechanisms for other member states. Every participant was ready to have firm argumentation for all possible questions and oppositions.</p> <p>The participants contributed to the session at the high level. Four draft resolutions were prepared for discussing and three joint resolutions were passed for voting.</p> <p>The final adopted resolution was generated by the Unites States of America with 5 partner countries and the "General Assembly” decided to found new commission of developed countries to support other states in accomplishing Millennium Development Goals successfully till year 2015.</p> <p>Every participant was granted with the certificates for active and contributive participation in the Model UN Session.</p> <p>Similar events simultaneously were organized in other regions of the country. The UNAG Gori, Kutaisi and Batumi branch offices launched Model UN Session for local students.