Promoting Healthy Lifestyle


<p>In the fall of 2005, an amateur championship league in mini-football was established. The championship, known as the Democracy Cup 2005, was organized by the United Nations Association of Georgia and will be conducted every weekend at the IRAO sports ground in Tbilisi until the end of June, with a short-term interval for winter holidays.</p> <p>Efforts by UNAG to promote this league have resulted in 14 teams being formed to participate in this competition. These teams represent the civil society, public and private sectors, international organizations and diplomatic missions in the country. This activity has broad aims, including the promotion of healthy lifestyle, the facilitation of informal relationships between the participating sectors and the building of organizational skills through extracurricular activities.</p> <p>While this activity is merely an amateur undertaking, everything attempts to emulate the professional football world – from wide media coverage, countless football fans and supporters, cheers to colored balloons in the sky, dancing girls, unfurled flags, national anthems and speeches of welcome by the activities are all part of this project.</p> <p>The UNA Georgia and the Embassy of Ukraine were the first two teams to inaugurate this league on the IRAO sports ground. The match resulted in a thrilling 7-0 defeat for the Ukrainian squad.</p> <p>For more information on championship visit:<a href=""></a></p>