ANI Advances Civic Activism of Qist and Chechen Women in Pankisi Gorge


December 6, representatives of UNAG, Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF), Public Defender’s Office (PDO), OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities and over 30 residents of Pankisi Gorge from 12 villages attended a presentation by Kakheti Regional Development Fund (KRDF) in the village Duisi. The presentation brought forward the achievements of the Project "Supporting Civic Integration of Ethnic Minorities, namely, of Qist and Chechen Women, Residing in Pankisi Gorge,” funded within Civic Integration Small Grants Mechanism of ANI Project.


Within the Project, the Women Council has been established in Pankisi Gorge comprising of 15 Muslim women from 12 villages. The goal of the Council is to lessen family conflicts, protect the right of visiting/seeing children after the divorce, avoid forced weddings, and solve other daily disputes among the residents.

Throughout two months of the Project implementation, the Women Council organized seven field visits in the villages to provide consultation for women. 56 Muslim women were provided with legal consultation on different issues, including divorce and marriage conflicts, family disputes, access to social services, fostering procedures, and heritage and property issues.

During October-November, two discussion sessions were arranged by the Women Council with Men Council of Pankisi Gorge. As a result of mediation by the Women Council, four cases of disputes were successfully solved.