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UNAG is distinguished by continuity and sustainability of the programs that it runs, individually delivering critical impact and change throughout diverse, yet interlinked issue areas. Refugee Council Georgia project since 1998, Model United Nations simulations since 1995, Civil Georgia since 2001 are very few examples of the pattern of continuation and sustainability that we vigorously build throughout all of our programs, both large and small. Accurately documenting every step on this learning curve, recording all challenges and accomplishments in every detail, is what enables us to create the most sustainable, effective and efficient programs around those crosscutting issues that are central to UNAG’s philosophy of change. 

Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness: a USAID supported 5 years, USD 4.6 million program, which works to advance the national integration in Georgia through promoting the youth activism and participation countrywide, through supporting the government to further enhance the integration policymaking, and through advancing the media programming on youth, integration and tolerance issues in Georgia.

Confidence Building in South Caucasus Program: is a collaborative, regional program of UNA Georgia and UNA Sweden, implemented with support of SIDA/Forum Syd. The program contributes to confidence building and cooperation within and between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, through building partnerships and institutional and organizational capacities in Georgia and South Caucasus.

Refugee Council Georgia: UNAG works in coordination with relevant international agencies to advance understanding of both voluntary migration and forced displacement, helping to develop response tools of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Georgia. UNAG has been an implementing partner of UNHCR since 1998.

Civil Georgia: since its launch in June 2001 by UNAG, has succeeded in becoming a reliable source of information for academic and policy circles, as well as for many Georgians within the country and abroad. With average 150,000 unique users monthly from all corners of the globe, reaches out to the policy and academic communities in Georgia, as well as in Europe and the U.S., to officials working in EU and international organizations, as well as Tbilisi-based foreign diplomatic corps.

NEO Impact Evaluation: teamed with Banyan Global (lead) and Counterpart International, UNAG works on the impact evaluation of USAID’s New Economic Opportunities (NEO), a USD 20 million project that works to transform the economic conditions of Georgia’s rural households, promote small business and provide development opportunities for vulnerable populations countrywide.

CSO Sustainability Index: UNAG works with Management Systems International (MSI) on annual reporting for USAID’s Global NGO Sustainability Index. Through in-house expert resources and panel discussions with national civil society leaders, UNAG annually prepares Georgia Civil Society Sustainability Report for USAID/MSI.

My Senior Friend: My Senior Friend is a program implemented by UNAG in cooperation with Ministry of Justice of Georgia. This program was designed to help kids who had troubles with law, by providing with a senior friend, person who is successful in his own career and can be a role example for kid.

Model United Nations: UNAG has pioneered the idea of interactive role-playing in Georgia, launching the country’s first-ever Model UN Sessions in 1996 for junior-level students in International Relations departments at leading Georgian universities. Since then, Model UN sessions and role-playing have been a distinctive area of UNAG expertise

For other ongoing or completed projects, please contact us directly.